About Us


Our Mission

Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC) is dedicated to meeting the needs of a diverse Flatbush community. FDC identifies and responds to these needs by creating programs, campaigns, and partnerships through economic development, housing, youth, immigration and other initiatives that promote enhanced quality of life, safety, and preservation of our neighborhood.
FDC’s dedicated and professional staff are led by a Board of Directors comprised of community residents, merchants, and business leaders who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all members of the Flatbush Community.
Complementing these programs are efforts to promote the Flatbush community and a commitment to its future. FDC’s Signature events are the Victorian Flatbush House and Garden Tour, the Flatbush Frolic Street Fair, the Anti- Graffiti Task Force and Neighborhood Clean-Up, and an Annual Awards dinner honoring community volunteers and leaders.
Through a combination of public and private funds, community support and volunteer efforts, FDC continues to maintain the vitality, diversity and quality of life that only an urban community can offer. But there is still much to be done. Affordable housing needs to be preserved and built, commercial revitalization must continue, and quality-of-life issues must be addressed to maintain a vibrant neighborhood.


People, businesses, and ideas come to Flatbush to bloom and flourish! The diversity and commitment of our community creates energy and passion for progress. FDC is the catalyst and agent of change that ensures that an enhanced quality of life and shared prosperity is a reality for all.
We celebrate our history and we work to produce a future that is worthy of the rich traditions and strong roots that have supported our growth. By preserving our historic heritage and maintaining our beautiful landscape we connect our Victorian past to our multi-cultural present and future. By preserving affordable housing we maintain our unique place as the nation’s most diverse neighborhood, both ethnically and socio-economically.
We continuously educate and empower the youth and future generations to come. By creating and promoting intra-community events and activities that we all share in, we demonstrate that we can work together, live together and have fun together.

Flatbush Development Corporation and the community as a whole work together for the common good, towards a greater understanding of each other, with a mutual respect and shared accountability for all.