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Junction Business Improvement District (BID)

The Flatbush-Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District (Junction BID) was signed into law May 11, 2006!

Proposed Target Shopping Center

FDC and the Flatbush-Nostrand Junction Steering Committee officially completed the 11-step city process when the Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID was signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg. The district includes all properties on both sides of Flatbush Avenue between Farragut Road and past Avenue H to the Long Island Railroad Line; Nostrand Avenue between Glenwood Road and past Avenue H to the Long Island Railroad Line; and Hillel Place between Flatbush Avenue and Campus Road.

What is a BID?
A Business Improvement District, or a BID, is a specific geographic area established in accordance with New York State and City law which enables local property owners, business owners and residents to finance supplemental services and improvements beyond those provided by local government.

How will a BID benefit our community?
The members of the BID Board of Directors determine its budget and services. Business owners and property owners cooperatively address problems such as street cleaning, graffiti removal, marketing, holiday lighting and security. The Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID will also undertake supplement security and sanitation programs, and promotion (e.g. street fairs, advertising, holiday decorations), storefront improvement and technical assistance to BID members. These services and improvements are in addition to and not a replacement of current city services.