Participatory Budgeting Voting

 Have a voice in how our community is improved!



If you area resident of District 40 or District 45 you can vote at any of the below locations

or at


1616 Newkirk Avenue

Voting will be taking place March 25th – April 2nd


  • Anyone age 14 and over can vote
  • You only need to give a name and what block you live on. No ID will be required, you don’t need to be registered to vote, you don’t need to be a citizen, and NO street address is required to vote.
  • You can vote for your top five (5) favorite projects!

Whats on the Ballot?

If you live in District 45 (Jumaane William’s District) visit:

If you live in District 40 (Mathieu Eugene’s District) visit:


To find out more about Participatory Budgeting, or to vote online, visit: