PB Neighborhood Meetings

CD45 next PB Budget Delegate meeting: FDC’s office 12/13/18 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Community members, join us!  See you soon!



There is a role for everyone in PB! Anyone can participate, even if participation is limited to attending one meeting or just voting. 

Volunteer to be a budget delegate – if you are at least 11 years old and have a meaningful connection to the district, including if you live in the district, work in the district, own a business in the district, attend school in the district, are parents of children who attend school in the district, etc. 

Budget delegates do the extra work necessary to turn ideas into real projects:

• Research local problems, needs, and projects

• Agree to put the needs of the community above their personal interests

• Learn about the budget funds and the budget process

• Discuss and prioritize project ideas based on the criteria of need, impact and feasibility

• Develop full project proposals and posters, with assistance from experts

Visit https://council.nyc.gov/pb/ and https://council.nyc.gov/pb/resources-for-budget-delegates-and-facilitators/ for more information on PB and how to get involved.