Flatbush Tenant Coalition (FTC)

FDC works with dozens of tenant associations and more than 500 community residents each year to build tenant power and improve housing conditions in our neighborhoods.  Flatbush Tenant Coalition brings together tenants to collectively build power within the tenant community. We support and build tenant associations and tenant leaders, educate tenants about their rights and how to organize their buildings to effect change and take united action in tenant-rights campaigns.

FDC works with tenant associations and individuals to resolve disputes with landlords and encourage improved building conditions and safety. In addition, we facilitate monthly meetings of the FTC to provide information, networking and support.

The Coalition achieves its goals by:

  • Helping tenants organize their buildings
  • Providing peer mentorship and support, where FTC members share their experiences & knowledge with other member buildings
  • Providing tenants-rights and political education, including information about national, state, and city housing agencies, regulations, and laws; and the role of elected officials and community boards
  • Working with tenant associations to develop building campaigns to obtain repairs, maintenance, and/or address other issues
  • Helping tenant associations obtain pro bono lawyers
  • Helping tenant associations document their successes
  • Collaborating with other organizations on joint workshops and actions
  • Conducting outreach in other buildings to grow the FTC
  • Holding neighborhood-wide tenant meetings to provide information and call to action
  • Identifying, planning, and taking part in neighborhood, city, state, and national tenants’ rights campaigns