Art & Music

Express Yourself Artistically!

For kids to explore their passions and express themselves artistically!

The Art Club helps introduce skills such as painting, photography, graphic design, and sculpture making. While engaging in the physical component of art participants are also researching and exploring the work and techniques of other artists who have been expressive, creative, innovative, and inspiring.

The Music Club allows the participants to explore various forms of music, composer, musicians, and the creativity behind the music. Music allows the participants to be expressive through vocal chorus or instrumental. Some of the instruments that the participants have had the pleasure of learning are the recorder, percussion drums, African drums, ukulele, keyboard, and guitar.

Our kids love to sing and write music! At the holiday show,  they’ll have the opportunity to showcase their talents. The kids select whatever song they want to sing, as long as it is deemed appropriate by our Director April Davis. We encourage all of our kids to participate in our artistic activities, as it is a great area to experiment in and find a way to better express themselves and their personalities!

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