FDC in the News: Rodent Issue & City Neglect of Newkirk Plaza

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Together, we were able to bring the attention to our Plaza that it deserves! Last Wednesday, FDC & Newkirk Plaza Merchants Association were featured on several local news outlets highlighting the multi-jurisdictional issue of “No Man’s Land” Newkirk Plaza. For years FDC & The Newkirk Merchants have been fundraising and advocating for city agencies to maintain surface level upkeep and beautification of the plaza – however, this is not enough! Thank you to our community who came out to support this initiative, make the necessary 311 calls and make enough noise for our city government representatives to make this a priority on their agenda! Let’s continue to do our part, make the 311 calls, speak with your neighbors, and demand ownership and upkeep of Newkirk Plaza by the city!  Read more about the issue in some of our local news publications below:


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