Teen Girls 13 – 17

Helping Girls Through Adolescence!

Sister Circles

Being a teen girl has never been easy. In today’s society, however, the pressure is even more pronounced. Run by program director Krystel Kercado, Sister Circles encourages self-worth and offers teen girls a safe place to discuss many issues including:

  • Social media that values girls more if they are beautiful
  • Pressures to be smart, but not so smart as to make boys feel less important.
  • Physical pressures from boys
  • Bullying from either other girls or boys.
  • The belief that growing up means growing apart from Mom.

Sister Circles runs 2/times per week for 90 minutes. Conversation flows easily with engaging group activities including art projects, hair care, nail and skincare, crafting, and more.  Short outings are planned for the near future. If you think your teen daughter would benefit from a supportive group, please contact Krystle.

17 – Days

Another educational program geared toward teen girls and how to protect themselves from teen pregnancy.

If your daughter or someone else you know would like to join our programs, please contact us!


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