Domestic Violence Resources

Flatbush Development Corporation provides individualized services for survivors of domestic violence, particularly focusing on helping tenants with securing safe and permanent housing. Our staff assist survivors with procuring vouchers, helping clients apply for affordable housing and learn about source of income discrimination when communicating with brokers, managing agents and landlords.

FDC provides an official clinic for survivors of Domestic Violence, known as the “Domestic Violence Housing Discrimination Clinic”. This clinic consists of a presentation on the right survivors of domestic violence have to not be discriminated against due to having a source of income tied to their survivor status (such as a voucher). The clinic also focuses on the ways in which survivors of domestic violence are protected from facing discrimination due to their status as a survivor, under the New York City Human Rights Law.  Within this clinic FDC also goes over how to successfully communicate one’s status to a landlord, broker or managing agent. FDC refers survivors to partner legal services organizations for support if they are being sued, at risk for being sued or if their issues require the expertise of a lawyer. Some survivors were referred to legal services agencies if they were in court for eviction or needed assistance from a labor lawyer for help obtaining social security benefits.

FDC also partners with DV Shelters, our staff meets with Shelter employees and residents to give a monthly “Know Your Rights” training on housing protections enjoyed by survivors.

FDC can help domestic violences survivors with all housing related matters.


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