Sweethearts Shop Local

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It is important for us to shop locally for a multitude of reasons. Number one, when you buy something locally you are making a direct investment in your community. It signals: I want you to stay. Otherwise, small business owners become the backdrop to your commute to the big businesses, what we sometimes deem as more convenient, and then gradually disappear. Let’s challenge the model of convenience. What is more convenient than walking several minutes to a store and find what you are looking for, something of higher quality? Smaller stores specialize, they provide one with answers and knowledge. A lot of the stores in our neighborhood have been around for upwards of 25 years. That’s the case for Yacob, owner of Master Shoe Maker on Foster Avenue and Ekaterina who owns Flowers also on Foster, or Das Upholstery on Cortelyou, he’s been there for over 30 years! They know what they’re doing. Another thing, small businesses can offer open communication to better serve their customers needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? They’ll work on getting it for you. Always ask for what you want to see in the community. Shout out to all of the small local businesses in Flatbush, Brooklyn!