Our History

FDC was formed in 1975 by a group of homeowners and tenants who were concerned about growing signs of deterioration in the neighborhood.

The group organized tenants in apartment buildings to combat poor conditions and prevent arson and abandonment and worked with merchants on the neighborhood’s commercial strips. They created and operated job training programs, after school and summer programs for youth, and helped a steady stream of new immigrants to assimilate into the neighborhood. By the 1980’s FDC was operating a range of programs and rehabilitating apartment buildings using a variety of emerging tax incentive programs. This grassroots effort created a stable community that continues to attract a full spectrum of homebuyers, renters and merchants. Today, while the neighborhood is changing at a rapid pace- both ethnically and economically, FDC continues to preserve and protect affordable housing, promote business attraction and retention, and provide comprehensive service and support for immigrants, youth and families.

FDC’s catchment area encompasses a 2.5 mile area bounded on the north by Parkside Avenue, the south by Avenue H, on the east by Bedford Avenue and on the west by Coney Island Avenue. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this is the most economic and culturally diverse area in the country.

A wonderful film made by our friends at the Flatbush Fest about our programs and history – Please watch!