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Supporting the Community!

FDC @ P.S. 152 and P.S. 315 strongly support children’s social awareness skills by providing them with the opportunity to give back to the Flatbush community and sometimes communities outside of Flatbush. Participants partake in activities which allow them to be empathic thinkers and compassionate doers. Activities include but are not limited to creating and designing holiday cards to donate to social services organizations ( such as shelters, churches, ACS, and Elderly centers). Additionally FDC after-school established partnerships with the schools to do yearly “Kindness Rocks” in which every student during daytime school is able to paint and write positive messages on rocks that are displayed in P.S. 152 and P.S. 315 rock gardens.

Our dedication to the community doesn’t stop with our participants, FDC staff continually participates in school events that provide essential resources to families such as clothing, food, and health services. As well as events that provide extracurricular activities such as Fall Fest, Health Fair, Relaxing DIY adult-only workshops, and in-person parent workshops.

We teach the children that community service is an important part of being a productive member of society. We believe in exposing them to helping others in need. Whether that is a beautification project, creating cards for a homeless shelter, or baking for your religious organization, the children that attend our after-school program are happy to help out. Please contact us to have them participate in a giving event for your facility or organization.

The picture above illustrates our recent holiday card creations. We donated the cards to St. Vincent Ferrer Church (located on E37th Brooklyn, NY 112210) which in turn gave their cards (with goodies) to the homebound church members and the homeless within the community.

Other examples include:

  • Sharing cheer through creating holiday cards to the less fortunate or recognized
  • Developing rock garden areas for the schools and decorating Kindness Rocks for the schools rock garden areas.
  • Baking good for Community Service programs
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