Beautify Brooklyn Makes Newkirk Bridge Beautiful

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An effort to display public art in Newkirk Plaza brought a wide range of artistic styles and beauty to Newkirk Avenue

On Ditmas Park Day 2023, Robert Elstein of Beautify Brooklyn corralled volunteers to paint the panels within the bridges enclosing Newkirk Plaza.

The first stage of this process involved taping around the panels and taping the already existing flowers and using them as a guide later on. On that day, there must have been up to 30 volunteers who swiped a brush of color on the bridge. 

Then, things grew still and focused, long after Ditmas Park Day festivities wrapped up and after the bright colors of green, pink, blue and yellow had been painted on, adults and children took up a station at their chosen panel and got to painting. Each person hand painted flowers and kind words which blossomed all over the walls. 

This was a very special effort which allowed local artists or anyone who would like to, to display public art and beautify a heavy trafficked area.