Flatbush Tenant Coalition: Court Watch

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Tayaba Bibi (Outreach, Education and Contract Specialist) and Thern Shivers (Outreach & Education Specialist) from Flatbush Tenant Coalition (FTC), together with FTC tenant leaders,  dedicate their Tuesday mornings to Brooklyn Housing Court Watch at 141 Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn. 

Since the eviction moratorium ended last January, more than 260,000 tenant households across the state are facing eviction in housing court. In NYC, tenants have a Right to Counsel but the courts are violating this right and refusing to stay cases until tenants obtain an attorney. This means that thousands of tenants have been left to their own devices, without a housing lawyer to represent them as they and their families face the possibility of homelessness. During Housing Court Watch, FTC provides valuable information and tools to people inside the court to make sure tenants know about their rights, especially their Right to Counsel. FTC also observes whether judges are letting tenants know about their Right to Counsel, so we can make sure the courts are following the law. If you are a tenant and you’d like to join the fight for tenant rights, come with us for Housing Court Watch, or if want to connect to a tenant attorney, please call FTC at (718) 635-2623.