Flatbush Tenant Coalition Rally Makes News

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Solidarity with Janice! Flatbush Tenant Coalition Stand with 1111 Ocean Avenue Tenant

Flatbush Tenant Coalition joined tenant Janice, a resident at 1111 Ocean Avenue who is facing eviction for withholding rent. 1111 Ocean Avenue has received over 500 violations and the landlord has refused to make necessary repairs. FTC members supported Janice at her court hearing on Monday, June 5th.

They captioned the flyer,

“JOIN US ON MONDAY in solidarity with Janice and her 1111 Ocean neighbors who are fighting to get quality repairs! With over 500 violations in their building, the Tenant Association at 1111 Ocean have fought long and hard to make their homes a safe place to live. Support Janice at her trial day by coming to our press conference.”

FTC has been fighting in solidarity with the 1111 Ocean Tenants for some time now. We posted an article back in April on the progress that has been made as a result of the tenants tactful organizing.

The hearing on Monday made news as coalition members appeared at the courthouse and rallied for Janice.