The FDC brings joy to 300+ families on Thanksgiving

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If you have any doubt in your mind about how much work the Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC) does for the citizens of Flatbush, talk to Robin Redmond, FDC’s executive director. The FDC accomplishes an unimaginable amount of work; work that is seldom written about or publicized because, well, that’s just how the FDC rolls.  And the FDC Turkey Giveaway is one way the FDC helps.

The FDC Turkey Giveaway: 2021

This past Monday, (as every year for the past decade,) Robin,and a council member (this year it’s Farrah Louis) picked up approximately 200 turkeys for distribution to the Flatbush community. FDC distributes them to groups that cannot raise the funds themselves for their families in need. This year’s organizations include:

St. Augustine’s  |  St. Therese  |   Flatbush Gardens |  Mamre SDA Church |  Our Lady of Refuge  |  Glory of El Shaddai Christian Center  |     Avenue D Merchants Association  | Pastor Damis  |  Church of Lord |  Sesame Fliers  |  69th PCT  Council  |   Christopher Rose Foundation | CREC   |  Life of Hope |  Kendall Stewart |  Goshen SDA  |  FFCG  |Grant House Unity Corp  | Jorge Taitt | Radyo Pa Nou | Vesta Louis | Michael K Williams Event

It is rare to see an executive director of any company pick up 200 turkeys for distribution, but it’s Robin’s hands-on approach that makes the FDC so unique. Robin firmly believes in rolling up her sleeves and getting the work accomplished. 

“I am really lucky that I have a council member (Farrah Louis) and a staff that believes in the same thing. There are so many things at our organization that are not funded, but it’s so important to make them happen. At the end of the day, if I need to get it done, it’s just going to get done. I believe in the work that we do and the people we serve.”

The FDC staff also shares Robin’s belief. This year, Nina Leonard, Economic Development coordinator worked with local law firm Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek and attorney Keyonte Sutherland.  They  donated an additional 100 turkeys to families. Ms. Sutherland has very strong reasons to help the FDC in their mission to provide support to Flatbush families:

“As a former teacher at PS 217, it was very important to me to be a pillar and a resource in the community that I not only taught in but also grew up in. This is why I turned to Flatbush Development Community (FDC) as this organization supports and strengthens Flatbush and its people beyond measure. I am grateful to my firm, Elefterakis, Elefterakis and Panek, which is a full-service Injury and Civil Rights law firm, for their support and involvement within the communities the firm services and to FDC for this continued partnership. I grew up in Flatbush, I live in Flatbush and I look forward to working alongside FDC in the future.”

Robin also feels extremely thankful to have her committed staff; staff who give up their weekends to help those in need. But it’s pretty much the mantra of those that work at FDC.  According to Nina Leonard:

“Events like these are the most rewarding part of my job. No matter how small, seeing the direct impact we make in peoples’ lives one turkey at a time makes all of the difference!”

The history of the Turkey Giveaway

The Turkey Giveaway began about the years ago under the auspices of Council Member Jumanne Williams. At that time, current Council Member Louis worked on William’s staff. She and Robin partnered to hand out about 100 turkeys to members of the community. And the FDC is thankful that Council Member Louis has continued the council’s generous support of the Turkey Giveaway.

What’s next for the holiday season and the FDC?  

Flatbush residents are still suffering a great deal of financial hardship following the Pandemic. During the 10 days between Christmas and New Year’s, families, who depend on schools for breakfast and dinner, are forced to pay out of pocket for their families’ meals. The FDC wants to provide 300 to 700 families with care packages that include both food and art supplies. Your donation would be so much appreciated by families in need — not of toys and gifts, but food. The FDC thanks you for any support you can afford.  Thank you for your kind support. Happy Thanksgiving!

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