This Valentine’s Day…Shop Local!

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FDC in partnership with our local merchants associations: Newkirk Plaza Merchants Association (NPMA) & Cortelyou Road Merchants Association (NPMA) is participating in the citywide campaign: Sweethearts Shop Local – Be a #SmallBusinessSweetie. For the second year in a row, this campaign of forty + Neighborhood Associations, BID’s and Community Organizations work together to show some love to our local businesses on Valentine’s Day. This campaign is a gentle reminder to always shop local, dine local & promote the merchants in our local economy.

Local Merchant Directory

If your business is doing anything special for Valentine’s Day – Send it to our Econ Dev Department at If the last two years taught us anything, it has been the value of a strong community in times where you can’t travel far, so please always remember to:

  • Shop local
  • Order direct
  • Write a positive review
  • Shout out on social media
  • Buy a gift card
  • Spread the word