Youth Services

FDC provides positive social and academic learning opportunities to promote independence, self-confidence, creativity, and civic awareness among youth in the Flatbush community.

FDC programs bridge daytime learning with the afterschool environment, working with staff, parents, students, school and community partners to ensure our youth access opportunity and realize their dreams.  Our programs encourage positive interactions between educators and students in a safe and nurturing environment, providing age appropriate activities that focus on the physical, social and educational needs of youth in our community

As one of the largest providers of programs for youth in the Flatbush community, our after school programs are collaborative efforts between FDC and two Cornerstone Programs, and four neighborhood schools: P.S. 152, P.S. 217, P.S. 315, and Ditmas Jr. High School. FDC’s afterschool programs serve over 900 Flatbush youth by providing activities that strengthen and support their academic, civic, cultural, creative, social, physical and emotional development while supporting family and community needs.


Please begin by reading the Afterschool Cover Letter, and then complete the necessary forms. Please note that both an enrollment form (in the language of your choice) and medical form found below must be downloaded, fully completed and returned to FDC as directed in the Afterschool Cover Letter. Admission is by lottery, if sections are full after the lottery date, prospective participants will be placed on a waitlist.

Children currently enrolled in PS 217, PS 152/315 and Ditmas Junior High School are eligible to apply. 

Afterschool Cover Letter

Common Enrollment Form ENGLISH

Common Enrollment Form SPANISH

Common Enrollment Form CREOLE

Medical Form