Teen Boys

Make Friends and Have Fun!

The DJ Program

This  4-hour program for teen boys is part of our after-school program. Our own Mr. Shaun teaches the kids (ages 12-13) how to DJ and to mix. We celebrate the fact that some students have become so proficient, they’ve been hired for events!  The program consists of 1.5 hours of mixing. The remaining time is spent listening to music and vibing out.

An added benefit is that boys often open up and talk about more serious topics such as:

  • Girlfriends
  • Bullying and other troubles
  • Parents
  • School

Basketball League

This is a 5-hour program held every Saturday. Currently, 28 kids participate in this program (ages 10-18). Girls are welcome too! During the winter months,  we start off with clinics: conditioning, exercises, workouts, and sprints. The kids are entered into other leagues, so there is extra motivation for them to practice hard!

Snacks and water are provided.

If your kid or someone you know wants to join, please contact us!

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