New York City Community Needs Assessment (CNA)

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As one of New York City’s designated Community Development Corporations, FDC works with DYCD to ensure our community gets the services we need. What determines the need for such services is city-collected data, gathered through surveys like these Community Needs Assessments. We need input from you to help make sure we get the support we need!

The Community Needs Assessment is a stakeholder engagement process through which the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) collects feedback from community members in Neighborhood Development Areas (NDA) about the programs and services needed in their community. DYCD and Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NAB) use the feedback to develop program priorities and allocate federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds.

DYCD collects and uses data to inform program design and assess program success after CSBG funds are allocated as part of a continuous quality improvement process. Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) members, DYCD staff, and volunteers solicit feedback from community members through surveys, interviews, hearings, and other feedback collection methods. Please click on the button to take the survey:

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